G.S.K. Adika

Dr. Adika
Senior Research Fellow/ Director
BA PhD (Ghana) MPhil (Camb)

Dr. Gordon Senanu Kwame Adika received a Ph.D in Linguistics from University of Ghana in 1999 after his M.Phil in English and Applied Linguistics from the University of Cambridge, Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics (1992). He started his academic career in 1990 as a Teaching Assistant in Department of English and latter joined the Language Centre as Junior Research Fellow. He is now a Senior Research Fellow and the Head of the Language Centre. Dr. Adika is member of the editorial Boards of many Journals and a member of many Professional Bodies. 

Contact E-mail: adika@ug.edu.gh / gordonadika@gmail.com 

University of Ghana, Department of Linguistics, Legon: Ph.D in Linguistics. Awarded in December, 1999. 
Thesis title: An Analysis of University Students’ Expository Discourse 

University of Ghana & Simon Fraser University, Canada, Editing Workshop held at the University of Ghana, Legon. 
Certificate of Participation. Awarded in October, 1999. 

University of California at Berkeley, Department of Linguistics, California, USA, Exchange Student, Graduate Programme,1994-1995 academic year. 

University of Cambridge, Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, Cambridge, United Kingdom,  M.Phil. in English and Applied Linguistics. Awarded in November, 1992. 
Thesis title: The Exploitation of Transitivity in Ayi Kwei Armah’s Works 

University of Ghana, Departments of English and Linguistics, Legon, B.A. in English and Linguistics. (First Class Honours) Awarded in January, 1989.


Teaching and Research 

University of Ghana 

 Senior Research Fellow, Language Centre, University of Ghana (2001 – present): Teach and conduct research into Academic Writing, English as a Second Language, and English Language Text Structure with particular emphasis on writing in Ghana; additionally, supervise graduate students’ theses in Advanced Composition and English. I have supervised several master’s theses and co-supervised a PhD thesis. 

Positions held prior to current position: 

 Research Fellow, Language Centre, University of Ghana (1999 – 2001) 
 Tutor, Language Centre, University of Ghana (1994 – 1999) 
 Junior Research Fellow, Language Centre, University of Ghana (1992 – 1994) 
 National Service/Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Ghana (1989 – 1990) 

Other Tertiary Institutions 

1. External Examiner, PhD thesis, Department of English, University of Venda, South Africa, 2013 
2. Senior Lecturer (Sabbatical Appointment) Department of Media and Communication Studies, University of Education, Winneba, August, 2009 – July, 2011. Teaching graduate courses in Advanced Composition, Theories of Human Communication, and Rhetorical Theory and Practice. 
3. Part-time Lecturer, Department of Media and Communication Studies, University of Education, Winneba, 2008 & 2009. Taught Advanced Composition and supervised graduate theses/dissertations. 
4. Adjunct Lecturer, Ashesi University College, December, 2004 – May, 2005. Taught expository writing. 
5. Resource Person, Ghana Institute of Journalism, Annual Training in Writing Skills, 2000 – 2005. 
6. Local English Language lecturer, African Virtual University (University of Ghana campus) 1999-2000. A World Bank sponsored Distance Education Project involving the use of satellite communication and other communication technologies such as Video, Internet, Email protocols to beam lectures either in real time or in recorded form from universities in the USA and Europe to sub-Saharan Africa. The University of Ghana was among eleven countries in sub-Saharan Africa, made of six Anglophone and five Francophone universities which were selected to take part in AVU. 


1. Acting Director, Language Centre, University of Ghana, Legon (October 1, 2003 – July 31 2009; August 1, 2011 - Present): As head of the Language Centre, my primary responsibility is to ensure that the Centre carries out its mandate of teaching and researching into languages used in Ghana, including English. Under my general direction, research fellows and tutors of the Centre carry out research in the areas of descriptive linguistics, applied linguistics, language in education, and academic writing. The Centre’s major teaching programme is Academic Writing which is compulsory for all entering students, both science and humanities. I work closely with the coordinator of the programme and course instructors to ensure that standards are maintained. I facilitate the organization of regular workshops and training sessions for the course instructors. The Centre also runs the Certificate in English Proficiency course for non-English speakers. I work with the programme coordinator to ensure the use of appropriate and innovative teaching methods and materials. 

Highlights of achievements are as follows: 
a. Specific projects: Departmental Retreats 2011 & 2013 to discuss strategic plans and research projects; 
b. Led colleagues to produce a proposal document for the re-designation of the Language Centre into a teaching Centre on account of the transformations that have taken place within the Centre and in the wider university community; 
c. Wrote a proposal and secured approval from the Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Clifford Tagoe) to significantly shore up the number of part-time staff in the Language Centre in order to make teaching more effective and to guarantee quality assurance standards; 
d. Fundraising: Equatorial Guinea English Proficiency Programme (which brought in close to $100,000 per year when it was operational); Anglogold-Ashanti (Guinea) Special English Proficiency course; Pigier Cote D’Ivoire; Star Assurance; and Getensaps (a mining engineering company). 

2. Coordinator, English Proficiency Programme, University of Ghana, Legon (2000 – 2003): Responsible for assembling and preparing appropriate materials for the Certificate in English Proficiency course; drawing up time-tables and ensuring that lecturers continuously review and upgrade teaching methods. 

3. Coordinator, English Language Performance Evaluation Project, University of Ghana (1996): Coordinated the design and administration of an experimental test to all entering students. This test was intended as a tool for the evaluation of the English of entering students.

Supervision of Students’ Theses/Dissertations 

1. Payida, Gloria (2013): Investigating and analyzing the variability of sentence structures in the writing of senior high school students, University of Ghana, M.Phil thesis. 
2. Mensah, Genvieve (2013): Cohesion in the essays of final year senior high school students in Accra Academy, University of Ghana, M.Phil thesis. 
3. Owusu, Edward (2012): Assessing the methods of development in the compositions of students in universities in Ghana: The case of Christian Service and Ghana Baptist University Colleges, Kumasi, University of Ghana, M.Phil., thesis. 
4. Azumah, Alhassan (2011): Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading + Discussion and Expression: A literacy Strategy for Developing Students’ Communication Skills (An Action Research in Gbewaa Demonstration Junior High School, Pusiga/Bawku, University of Education, Winneba, M.Phil., thesis. 
5. Dako, Winifred (2009): Examining the impact of the process approach to the teaching and writing of composition in Grace Presbyterian High School, Tema, University of Ghana M.A. thesis. 
6. Bekoe, Daniel Norris (2009): Hedging in Academic Discourse: An analysis of undergraduate research articles in UEW. 2009. University of Education. 
7. Dadzie, Benjamin: Communication in classroom interactions: An investigation into the listening and speaking patterns of secondary F3 English classes in Mfantsipim School. University of Education, Winneba, M.Phil., thesis. 
8. Owusu Boateng, F. (2008): Identifying problems of paragraphing in the written essays of senior high school students. MA TESL thesis, University of Ghana. 
9. Akogbeto, Patrice: The convergence of the various categories of Language Function in Wole Soyinka’s Idanre, 2007, University of Ghana PhD thesis. 
10. Amable, Jessica: An analysis of the written texts of francophone students in the ESL classroom: A study of the students of the Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL), 2004, University of Ghana. 
11. Agordjor, Prosper Kwesi (2004): Investigating learner difficulties in summary writing in Ghanaian, Senior Secondary Schools: A case study of the Nsaba Presby, Legon Presby Boys’ and Aburi Girls’ secondary schools, 2004. University of Ghana. 
12. Adonu, F.M. (2004): Investigating the use of conjunctions in the composition of SSS students: A case study of Akwapem South District, University of Ghana: University of Ghana M.Phil., thesis. 
13. Agor, John Tetteh (2003): Investigating English Concord Problems of teacher trainees in Ghana, 2003. University of Ghana M.Phil., thesis. 

English Language Examining 

1. Moderator, Mature Students Selection Examination (English Language), Affiliate Institutions of the University of Ghana (Ongoing) 
2. Mature Students Selection Examination, University of Ghana (2000 – to-date) 
3. Selection Examination for Assistant Registrars, University of Ghana (2005 – to-date) 
4. Selection Examination for Security Guards, University of Ghana (2005 – to-date) 

Editorial Projects/Services 

1. Editor, Legon Journal of the Humanities, (2004 – 2009): Responsible for assembling and organizing materials from different disciplines within the Humanities for publication, and seeing the materials through preparatory stages until camera-ready. Assessing materials submitted to decide whether they conform to the requirements and standards of the journal, and then distributing suitable articles to qualified reviewers for further assessment; ensuring that authors bring their work to appropriate standards; and finally, revising accepted materials to meet general publication standards for the journal. 

2. Assistant Editor, Legon Journal of the Humanities (2000 – 2004): Assisted the editor of the journal in proofreading and revising materials for clarity of language, spelling, punctuation, and general organization of information. 

3. Leader, Editorial team, President’s Special Initiative on Distance Learning -English Section (2000-2004) (A Government of Ghana Project): Worked closely with scriptwriters to ensure that English lesson materials for screening on television were of acceptable standards; assessed and revised lessons for clarity of language, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

4. Member, Editorial team, University of Ghana, Distance Learning Programme (1999-present): Assessing, proofreading and revising course materials in the Humanities for the university’s distance learning programme to ensure that the language and style of such materials conform to distance learning education philosophy. 

5. Consulting Editor, Heritage Communications, Accra (2002 – 2004): Assessed, proofread and revised reporters’ stories and articles, and every news item to ensure that they conformed, in language and style, to the house style of the Heritage newspaper; and worked with the editor to produce editorials and determine front-page stories and headlines. 

6. Consulting Editor, EPP Books Services (2000 – 2004): Assessed, proofread and revised manuscripts submitted for publication on request. Manuscripts were generally in the areas of English language and literature, and social studies. 

7. Consulting Editor, Association of African Universities (AAU ) (2004): Edited the language of papers presented at the 2004 workshop on WTO/GATS in Higher Education so as to correct and improve their grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, and any awkward expression, and the general style, with a view to producing an up-to standard and publishable proceedings. 

8. Associate Editor, Ghanaian Journal of English Studies (2002): Worked closely with Professor Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu to produce the maiden edition of this journal. Reviewed and proofread some of the articles. 

9. Edited University of Ghana Vice-Chancellor’s Report to Congregation, 2005 

10. Edited University of Ghana Graduate Fellowship Brochure, 2005 

11. Edited Statutes of the University of Ghana, 2004 

12. Editorial Consultant, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Accra (1999): Summarized and provided technical editing to a voluminous document entitled “Public Assistance and Agriculture”. 


1. Education and Sustainable Development, Keynote Address, 82nd Speech and Prize-Giving Day, Accra Academy, 23 March 2013. 
2. Discipline, a tool for academic excellence. Guest Speaker, Kwanyako Senior High School, Speech and Prize-Giving Day, 16 March 2013. 
3. How much research space has the African Scholar been claiming? Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 2012. 
4. The State of Journal Publications in the University of Ghana: The Case of the Legon Journal of the Humanities Published by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ghana, Joint Publications Workshop with Routledge and UNISA, 31st January 2011 
5. The language of the thesis/dissertation, Workshop on Thesis Writing for Graduate Students, University of Ghana School of Graduate Studies, 2009-2013. 
6. Research integrity and avoiding plagiarism. Workshop on Thesis Writing for Graduate Students, University of Ghana School of Graduate Studies, 2009-2013. 
7. Reference skills. Workshop on Thesis Writing for Graduate Students, University of Ghana School of Graduate Studies, 2009. 
8. Coordinator, American Centre for Learned Societies (ACLS) Conference held in the University of Ghana on fellowship programmes and proposal writing, 2008. 
9. Avoiding Plagiarism. Seminar for undergraduate and graduate students. Department of Biochemistry. University of Ghana, Legon, 2008. 
10. Inter-cultural phenomenon and Ghanaian identity: Lade Wosornu’s artistry as a call for cross-cultural receptiveness, New York University in Ghana, Conference on Ghanaian Identity as Artistic Expression: Past, Present and Future, 2007. 
11. The discourse structure of book reviews in Ghanaian newspapers, Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 2007. 
12. The discourse structure of research paper introductions in Ghanaian Journals. Conference on Applied Linguistics, University of Education, Winneba, 2006. 
13. Expanding the vocabulary of Academic Writing students: An experiment with patterns of lexis in Paul Ansah’s writing, First International Conference on Applied Linguistics and problems of language education in Africa, University of Education, Winneba, 2005. 
14. Connective infelicities in undergraduate expository writing, Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 2005. 
15. Teaching literature through language. Workshop on Literature and Language Teaching for Teachers from Accra Academy held at the Language Centre, UG, 2005. 
16. Technical report writing: Language and style. Annual Workshops on Effective Written Communication and Report Writing, Ghana Institution of Engineers, 2004 – 2008. 
17. American English and Effective Communication, Supra Telecom Staff Training Programme, , 2003. 
18. Scientific diction in Ladé Wosornu’s poetry. Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 2002 
19. Language and reality in Ladé Wosornu’s Poetry. Linguistics Department, UG, Seminar Series. 2001. 
20. Critical analysis. Internal Revenue Service, Annual Non-Graduate Entry Programme, Writing Skills Course, Accra Workers’ College, Accra, 2000 – 2004. 
21. Effective Communication: writing, speaking and reading, Ghana Armed Forces College, Junior Division, Annual Lectures on Effective Communication: writing, speaking and reading, 2000 - 2006. 
22. Literature and Language Development, Ghana English Studies Association Workshop on Language and Literature held at the University College of Education, Winneba, 1999. 
23. Report writing: structure and language. Technoserve, Staff Training in Report Writing Skills, 1999. 
24. Ayi Kwei Armah’s Osiris Rising and the intellectual agenda for the re-membering of a dismembered continent. GESA second annual conference, 1998. 
25. Traditional models of communication and the acquisition of academic literacy: the challenge to the Ghanaian undergraduate, Intra-Faculty Lecture, Faculty of Arts, UG, 1998. 
26. Thematic progressions and text intelligibility. Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 1998. 
27. On theme, rheme and text analysis. Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series,1998 
28. Analysis and evaluation of 1996 diagnostic test for first year students. Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 1997. 
29. A grammar of text analysis: an approach. Inaugural meeting of the Ghana English Studies Association (GESA) held at the University College of Education, Winneba, 1996. 
30. On analysing and evaluating university students’ expository texts. Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series, 1996. 
31. Teaching summary writing to first year students: an approach. Language Centre, UG, Seminar Series,1996. 
32. The prose style of Paul Ansah: a conscious search for verbal felicity. Intra-Faculty Lecture, Faculty of Arts, UG, 1994. 
33. The walkers, the sleepers: a practical stylistic study of some reference expressions in Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born. Intra-Faculty Lecture, Faculty of Arts, UG, 1993. 
34. The language of the report. Staff Training in Report Writing, Ghana Commercial Bank Training School, 1993.
35. The language of the report. Staff Training in Report Writing, Audit Service Personnel (KAK Management Services), 1992. 
36. The exploitation of transitivity in Ayi Kwei Armah’s works, English Studies Association of Ghana conference held at the University of Ghana, September, 1991. 


Journal Articles

1. Herzuah, P. & Adika, G.S.K. (2016). Rhetoric of Appeal and Dissent in two Ghanaian Newspaper Editorials on a Presidential Election Petition Hearing. Issues in Political Discourse Analysis. Nova Science Publishers, New York.
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Articles in Peer Reviewed Edited Volumes

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Edited Scholarly Volumes  
24. Adika, G. S. K.  & Asante, C. (Eds.). (2014). Multilingualism, Language in Education, and Academic Literacy: Applied Linguistics Research in the Language Centre.  
Accra: Sub-Saharan. (185 pages).
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1. Member, Committee to Develop a Draft Policy on Plagiarism for the University of Ghana, 2012-2013 
2. Member, University Structure Reform Committees, College of Humanities, 2012-2013 
3. University of Ghana Representative on the Admissions Board, Christian Service University College, Kumasi, 2012 
4. University of Ghana Representative on the Admissions Board, Catholic Institute of Business and Technology, Accra, 2012 
5. Member, Thesis Titles Vetting Committee, Board of the Faculty of Arts, 2012 
6. Member, Ghana Institute of Languages Board, 2012 
7. Academic Board, University of Ghana, Legon. (2003 – 2009; 2011 - present) 
8. Panel for the Selection of Best Teacher, Faculty of Arts, 2011 
9. Team Leader, Team commissioned by the then Dean of the Faculty of Arts to evaluate the performance of part-time lecturers on the Academic writing programme, 2010 – 2011. 
10. Board of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ghana, Legon. (2001 – 2009; 2011 – present) 
11. Faculty of Arts Appointments Review Committee, University of Ghana. (2005 – 2009) 
12. Publications Board, University of Ghana (2005 – 2009) 
13. Panel for the Selection of Best Teacher, Faculty of Arts, 2004 
14. Committee for Programme/Course Review in the Faculty of Arts, University of Ghana, 2008 


1. Linguistics Association of Ghana 
2. African Consultative Group of FASAAD (Federation Africaine des Secretaires, Assistants, et Attaches de Direction), Cote d’Ivoire 
3. Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society (University of Cambridge) 


1. Awarded a University of Ghana/University of California scholarship to study in the University of California as an exchange student, 1994/1995 academic year. 
2. Admitted to the status of Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, 4th April 1991. 
3. Awarded a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust/ODA scholarship to pursue a postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge. 


Courses taught: 
English as a Second language, Academic writing, Advanced Composition, Writing in Second language Contexts, Applied Linguistics