Evelyn Sika Jacobs-Quashie

Evelyn Sika Jacobs-Quarshie
BA MPhil (Ghana), Ph.D (Birmingham)

Dr. Sika Evelyn Ahadzie is a Research Fellow at the Language Centre. Prior to joining the University, she was a Lecturer in  English and Communication Studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra, Ghana.

Research Interests 
1. Mediated discourse in public sphere 
2. Academic literacy 
3. Mother tongue and knowledge acquisition 

Degrees And Certificates 
2008 PhD, University of Birmingham, Centre for West African Studies, United Kingdom. 

1998 Graduate Certificate in Linguistics, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA. 

1995 M. Phil. (English), University of Ghana. 

1994 Graduate Certificate in English, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. 
1980 B.A.(Hons). English and Linguistics, University of Ghana, Legon. 

Dissertations Titles 
PhD Language patterns, Social Motivations and discourse Strategies: an Exploration of Contemporary FM Broadcast in Ghana. 
M.Phil Phrasal Verb usage among Ghanaian Secondary school students. 
B.A. Womanhood in Chaucer 

1. Ahadzie, S. E. (2011). Language Patterns, Social Motivations and discourse Strategies: Exploring FM Broadcast in Ghana.LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Gmgh& co. KG DudweillerLandstr. Saarbruken, Germany. (198pages) 
Journal Articles 
2. Ahadzie, S. E. (2012). A Linguistic Analysis of Anyidoho’s ‘The Place we call Home’. Eureka. Department of European Languages, University of Lagos. A Journal of Humanistic Studies. 2.3, pp 304-317. 
3. Ahadzie, S. E. (1995).Variations and Trends: Phrasal Verb Usage by Ghanaian Secondary school students. Legon Journal of Humanities.Vol 8. pp. 63-82 

Book chapters 
4. Denkabe, A. Gadzekpo, A & Ahadzie, S.E. (1996). Extralinguistic Factors in the use of Language in the Ghanaian Press in English in Ghana. Accra, Ghana English Studies Association. M.E Dakubu (ed). Accra: GESA.pp 286-298. 

5. Ahadzie, S. E. (Forth coming).Language and Pragmatism in arenas of interaction in mediated public sphere: A study of the new FM culture in Ghana. In Multilingualism, Language in Education, and Academic literacy (UG Book reader Series) 

Edited Scholarly Work . 
6. Adika, G. S. K. Ahadzie, S.E. Asante. (eds). (Forthcoming). 
Multilingualism, Language in Education and Academic Literacy.UG Book reader series).pp 97-116 

Works in Progress 
1. Saying and Implicating: An investigation of Ghanaian voices at the Cape Coast and Elmina Slave Castles.. 
2. Implicature in the Academic writing of Ghanaian university students. 
3. Patterns of negotiation in the academic writing of nonnative English speakers. 
4. Mother tongue and Knowledge acquisition 

Seminar and Confeence Presentations 
1. Narrating Histories: Story telling in/about West Africa Conference, Goethe Institute, Accra. October 18-20, 2012. 
2. ‘Distance and Reliability’ in student narrative structure: investigating students’ narrative on exam malpractices. Language Centre Seminar series, February, 2012. 
3. ‘Elmina Heritage Tours’ Poster presentation-NVAS. University of Ghana, Leiden.The Netherlands, 2011. 
4. ‘Literacy and Leisure’ investigating Attributes and preferred forms. Kenya, Naivasha, Conference sponsored by the British Institute of Eastern Africa, 2008. 
5 ‘The nature of mediated Performances on contemporary radio in Ghana’. Language centre seminar series, University of Ghana, 2007. 
6. ‘The new FM culture in Ghana’. University of Birmingham, Centre for West African Studies, 2006. 
7. ‘Embedding ICT into the teaching of English to non-native speakers’. Annual seminar series, City College, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2005. 
` 8. Indexing Age and deference in interactive Media in Ghana’.University of Birmingham, Centre for West African Studies, 2004. 
‘Proverb Discourse on Ghanaian Women: imaging or stereotyping? University of Birmingham, Centre for West African Studies, 2002. 
10. ‘Editorials for whose edict’? University of Ghana, English Department, 1999. 

Courses taught: 
Language in Education, Language use in the media, Prgamatics, Language and Literature