Isaac Afful

Assistant Lecturer
Bachelor of Arts (English and Linguistics), University of Cape Coast (2012), Master of Philosophy in English Language, University of Cape Coast (2016)
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Research Interests:

  • Interface between Postgraduate Pedagogy and Writing
  • Disciplinary variation
  • (Critical) Discourse Analysis

Selected Conferences and Workshops

  • 2018. Workshop on Pedagogical Skills for Newly Appointed Staff of the University of Ghana, from 6th to 8th February 2018. Topics include: Managing your Class, Time Management and Navigating the Academic Ladder, Using the UG Course Syllabus, Using Technology to Aid Teaching, Learning-Centered Technologies and Approaches to Teaching.
  • 2018.   Workshop organised by the Linguistics Association of Ghana at the University of Professional Studies on 19th January. Topics include Predatory Publishing and Promotion, Detecting Plagiarism and Turnitin Software Awareness, International Exchanges & Collaborations and their Career Advancement Benefits
  • 2017.  Paper on Ethnography of speaking: Viva voce at a department in a Ghanaian University, presented at the Joint Congress of the West African Languages Society (WALS) and Linguistics Association of Ghana (LAG) at the University of Education, Winneba, from 31st July-5th August. Theme: The Role of Language in the Integration and Development of West Africa.
  • 2016.  Paper on Dialogic Positioning in Literature Reviews of Masters’ Theses in a Ghanaian University, at the Weekly Departmental Seminar, Department of English, University of Cape Coast – Ghana, on 18th May.
  • 2016.  Paper on Identity Construction in Names of Herbal Medicines in Ghana, at the 2nd University of Cape Coast Faculty of Arts Colloquium, from 21st- 23rd March


  • Afful, I. (2018). Dialogic positioning in literature reviews of masters’ theses: A cross disciplinary of MPhil theses in Ghana. Germany: Scholars’ Press Publishers
  • Afful, I. (2017). Ethnography of speaking: Viva voce at a department in a Ghanaian   university. International Journal of Language and Linguistics,5(5), 127-134.
  • Afful, I. (2017). A cross-cultural study of some selected Ghanaian and foreign recipes. Studies in Linguistics and Literature, 1(1), 29-49.
  • Afful, I. (2015). Stylistic significance of code switching and code mixing in three African novels. The English Literature Journal, 2(4), 426-434. (co-authored with Dr. T. P. Ennin)
  • Afful, I. (2014). An analysis of tittles of feature articles in two selected Ghanaian newspapers.  English for Specific Purposes World, 15(33), 1-39.
  • Afful, I. (2014). A diachronic study of the NP structure in Ghanaian newspaper Editorials. Journal of Advances in Linguistics, 5(1), 555-565.


Courses taught: 
UGRC 110: Academic Writing 1 (University of Ghana)