About Language Centre: The Language Centre was founded in 1970 to conduct language research and undertake teaching related to the improvement of proficiency in English and the languages used in Ghana. The Centre handles the compulsory Academic Writing programmes for all first and second year students of the University of Ghana. It also runs a Certificate in English Proficiency programme for students from non-English-speaking countries.
Research Profile: When the Language Centre was founded in 1970, its mandate was to focus on research and teaching related to the improvement of performance in English, the official language, and the languages used in Ghana. At that time, the perception was that many students were unable to use English as well as their mother tongue with the expected degree of proficiency in both academic and non-academic contexts. It was argued that remedial work at University could help but a comprehensive approach which tackles the problem of language study and language use in the total educational system of Ghana was regarded as the most realistic solution. For that reason, research in the Language Centre has tended to focus on language learning, teaching and assessment, standards of English language use across the educational system but particularly at the university level, language endangerment and documentation, language use in the media, multilingualism, intercultural communication, written communication, and the interrelated areas of language and literature. Future research would, more or less, be along the current thematic trajectories.